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OPTOCORE GmbH (Munich/Germany), was founded in 2003 to commercialize the OPTOCORE optical digital network system and to supply the range of OPTOCORE devices. The OPTOCORE GmbH offers an open system network platform for audio, video and control signals with an exceptional high transmission quality.

The first OPTOCORE devices were developed in the early 1990s by Marc Brunke / Brunke Electronic in a quest for a superior transmission quality of a digital network system based on fibre optics, consequently creating the world’s first optical fibre network system for audio, video and control data transmission.

The initial success has led to a decade of audio innovation with the system being registered for patent in 1994. 1996 saw the release of the first OPTOCORE modules, presented at the “Pro Light & Sound” Exhibition in Frankfurt. This system release led to the launch of the first LX4 units in 2000.

Developed mainly for the transport of digital audio signals the DD 32 unit followed two years later.

The latest products in the OPTOCORE range belong to the X6-series and are stand alone analog audio converters. These small, 16 channel units offer excellent AD/DA conversion and are totally compatible to the OPTOCORE network devices.

Additionally the OPTOCORE company welcome OEM licensees to join the ever increasing OPTOCORE community and to share the multiple benefits of the OPTOCORE network platform.

These are just some of the things that have gone into making the OPTOCORE brand a household-name in the modern professional audio and video environments.

The principle of bundling professional audio and video signals on fibre-optic cables is internationally protected by patents. Further patents are pending. OPTOCORE ® is a registered trademark in Europe, USA and other countries.


Our clients are assured high quality products with consistent technical support and competitive pricing. Our clients are our greatest asset, and we are dedicated to listening to, understanding and serving their needs. We value creativity and productivity.

Team Germany

Marc Brunke – Managing Director


Tine Helmle – Director of Sales & Marketing
Board of Directors

Sylvia Wagner – Coordinator Office & Marketing            
Iman Katabi – Administrative Assistant            
Victoria Anastasova – Sales            
Philippe Moreau - Technical Sales Manager France            
Maciek Janiszewski - Applications Engineer Manager            

Benno Sonder - Support Engineer            

Rüdiger Bormann – Head of R&D            
Jerry Gilbert – PR Manager            

Team North America

Marc Brunke – President            
Bill Coons – Director            
Linda Hardie – Chief Financial Officer            
Brandon Coons – Administrative Coordinator            
Grant Ritchie – Technical Support / Service            

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