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Here you find useful information on our service site about activities and news of OPTOCORE.
Have a look on our FAQ's or see where OPTOCORE devices are used in References.
Some examples how a configuration of an OPTOCORE network can look like, you find in Case Study.
Downloads of technical datas (data sheets and manuals) and our image brochure, you can find on our Download page.

“The Optocore system was a pleasure to use for many reasons but mainly because I was able to simply forget about it entirely. The main features that attracted me to the product included:

Scott Willsallen with OPTOCORE Scalability – the system is totally flexible and scaleable to suit a changing requirement.
Reliability – the digital audio transport system has proved its reliability.
Resilient – the conditions that the equipment was exposed to in Athens is equal to a decade of Summer Festival Seasons in Australia and the equipment performed flawlessly.
Audio Quality – in the market of digital audio transport the Optocore offers an unequalled level of sound quality, it is quite simply the best product available.
Service – the staff at Optocore are truly committed to their product and to their customers"

Scott Willsallen, Audio Designer
Opening and Closing Ceremonies
2004 Olympic Games

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