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German fiber network specialists, Optocore, have appointed Dusseldorf-based United Brands GmbH (United B) as their new German distributors with immediate effect.

Optocore, der deutsche Glasfaser Spezialist, hat United Brands (United B) mit sofortiger Wirkung zu seinem neuen deutschen Distributor ernannt.

Leaders in the field of fiber network signal distribution, Optocore, and its partner company BroaMan, have appointed Parma-based Audiolink as its sole distributor for the Italian market.

Optocore has announced a significant upgrade option to its M12 MADI switch, with a new feature known as ‘MADI Mirroring’.

By leveraging the advanced technology of the Route66 from its associate company, BroaMan, Optocore has not only been able to develop the AutoRouter intelligent patchbay...