Yamaha General Digital Audio Interface I/O Card for SANE



  • Yamaha miniYGDAI card – 16 IN / 16 OUT
  • 2 x SANE ports for fiber FX device channel extension or MADI Cat5
  • Daisy Chain up to 4 (8) cards with single FX unit
  • HA Remote port for Yamaha Preamp Control protocol
  • 1 x LAN

Overview Y3R-TP:

Y3R-TP card is a next generation of well known Optocore cards for Yamaha which allows connecting Yamaha consoles with Cat5 based protocol SANE. In addition to YG2 and YS2 interfaces for Yamaha, Y3R-TP introduces even more flexibility to the system. It can be used in a cost-efficient CAT5-based SANE system and in 2Gbit fiber OPTOCORE network as well. According to the Yamaha miniYGDAI standard, the Y3R-TP features 16In/16Out audio channels through the console slot. The front panel offers two RJ45 connections for SANE, 10/100MBit Ethernet transport, RS232/USB for Optocore Software and 2x RS422 for transporting of Yamaha Remote Protocol to AD8HR. Multiple Y3R-TP cards can be connected via CAT5 cables using the SANE ports, enabling the use of up to 64In/64Out audio channels (32In/32Out @ 96kHz). 
Y3R-TP can be easily integrated with 2Gbit OPTOCORE fiber network by connecting to the SANE ports of any FX device, for example V3R-FX, X6R-FX, DD32R-FX or DD2FR-FX.

Technical Specifications Y3R-TP:

Digital Audio (Mini – YGDAI Slot)Convention Mini – YGDAI Interface 
HA-Remote (Mini – YGDAI Slot)Convention Mini – YGDAI Interface 
Data channels Digital control data TX / RX up to 1Mbps
Auxiliary PortsConvention EIA / TIA – 422 
Data channels Digital control data 1 IN / 1 OUT up to 1Mbps
Word Clock (Mini – YGDAI Slot)  
Data rate Dependant on used sample rate 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96kHz
SANE (SUB / MAIN) PortConvention SANE CAT5 
Cable Type ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-A, TSB-95 CAT5
Max. Cable length   100 m / 330 feet
Remote Control  
RS232 Convention EIA / TIA-232 R x D, T x D / 57 600 Baud
USB Port   Interface to PC
Dimensions 1 RU / 19”
W x H x D 100 x 160 x 40 mm 3.94 x 6.3 x 1.57 inch
Weight 170 g 5.99 ounces

Images Y3R-TP: