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Amptown System Company (ASC) has taken on a dedicated dealership for Munich based fibre network specialists Optocore and BroaMan. The new partnership, which will be confirmed at IBC 2013 in Amsterdam this month, will see ASC representing both brands in the system integration and live sectors, such as musicals and theatre.

Headquartered in Hamburg, ASC’s ability to provide integrated solutions for media technologies draws on a rich company heritage within the group.

Stefan Thomsen, Sales Manager,
ASC Communication Systems

Founded in 1973 by Peter Matthes and Ulrich (Uli) Müller as a music store for instruments and large scale sound reinforcement it was this passion for music and technology that sowed the seeds for the birth of ASC in 1990, which soon saw them working on major world famous musicals.

The two men, along with Leif Witte, have subsequently developed ASC into an experienced media engineering system house, which will provide a perfect fit for both Optocore and BroaMan, who respectively provide audio and video communication network solutions.

“As a one-stop shop for consulting, installation, integration and service, we rely on leading international manufacturers such as Optocore and BroaMan to ensure the success of our own projects and the best possible solution for the customer,” says Stefan Thomsen, Sales Manager, ASC Communication Systems. One milestone which led to the new partnership was when BroaMan provided a fast track custom video network solution to meet a specific broadcast client requirement.

This demonstrated that, together with Optocore and SANE technology, BroaMan products would deliver a synergy that offered huge advantages by way of a complete advanced fibre infrastructure for video, audio and intercom applications.

ASC recognised BroaMan’s ability to broadcast video in high resolution and provide scalable, protocol independent, routing, repeating, transport and distribution of multiple professional video signals. Notes Thomsen, “We were eager to assess how BroaMan technical infrastructures could be integrated into future projects and how these solutions would meet challenges for our theatre business, where media networks have to transmit different broadband signals (audio, video and control).” He concludes, “Both companies provide key technology in the large scale event, live sound business and broadcast. It has now become an industrial standard to run glass fibre for transmitting signals to replace the vast amount of copper cabling of the past.

“We therefore see this new partnership as a logical development. ASC is a system house delivering technical solutions to its clients in terms of media technology, while. Optocore and BroaMan offer the tools to create these solutions; they understand about infrastructure provision, and connectivity to fulfill the installation requirements.” Summarised Tine Helmle, director of Optocore and head of BroaMan, “We are excited by this partnership with ASC and the possibilities it offers. They are a long established company, with a great pedigree for delivering high prestige projects. Furthermore they have fantastic outreach and most importantly they completely understand our technologies, and what they can bring to their sophisticated media integrations.”

Tine Helmle, Director of Optocore
and Head of BroaMan