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Connecting everything for over 30 years using OPTOCORE protocol. 

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Over the past two decades OPTOCORE has been trusted as the most prominent provider of  time critical, redundant, audio, video and control infrastructure.

Optocore systems are used in a wide variety of challenging and high profile situations with absolute success. Prestigious venues, high profile live events and precision audio visual designs continue to use our networks to ensure stability, flexibility and success.
Optocore systems provide high quality alternative and future proof designs to copper signal distribution, third party integration technology enables independent and neutral designs of large networks from stadiums, studios, theaters and OB vans to smaller application of point to point mobile signal distribution and control.

OPTOCORE is based on the open AES3 and AES10 (MADI) standards, providing transport, routing, format conversion as well as distribution of audio, video and control data with full management and diagnostic capabilities.

All our research and manufacturing is done in-house by our capable and experienced R&D team. The R&D team focuses on efficiency and elegance through our  hardware, software and firmware design. Our philosophy prioritizes sustainable practices within all departments, mindful of our planet and its resources, from energy usage to raw materials and supply chains.  



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