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Optocore, a world leader in fibre optic network solutions, has expanded its series of intercom interfaces — following the development of proprietary intercom systems for various OEM partners.

The new generic X6R-FX-INTERCOM-IC444 and V3R-FX-INTERCOM-IC444 interfaces will make their world debut at this month’s Prolight+Sound Show in Frankfurt (April 10-13).

The nomenclature is derived from the IC444 board, which is equipped with two 37-pole connectors — one male, the other female — and provides 4 Line Inputs, 4 Line Outputs and 4 GPIO. The X6R-FX can be equipped with two IC444 boards while the V3R-FX can be equipped with a single IC444 board.


These latest solutions are the result of fulfilling a custom request from Norwegian state broadcaster, NRK. On that occasion Optocore’s sister company, BroaMan, populated the 4LI/4LO board with four GPIO’s to enable bidirectional communication — but provided SDI enhancement, to allow camera signals to be routed via a single fibre connection to an OB vehicle and be uplinked to the broadcast centre (with monitor picture transmitted to the speaker in the opposite direction).

“This version of the Intercom device with the reduced channel count (4/4) is a highly cost effective option for permanent installation and broadcast applications. Additionally it offers the GPI/ GPO connections, which adds further value to the new product,” says Tine Helmle, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Due to the success of this, Optocore have now produced the two audio-based intercom equivalents.

The main features of the X6R-FX-INTERCOM-IC444 are: 8 Line Inputs; 8 Line Outputs; 8 GPI; 8 GPO with relay; auxiliary power outputs for external circuits The main features of the V3R-FX-INTERCOM-IC444.are: 4 Line Inputs; 4 Line Outputs; 4 GPI; 4 GPO with relay; auxiliary power outputs for external circuits. Both products are now shipping, and are available ex-stock.