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We recently held two very busy days of seminars at the headquarters of our Dutch distributors, TM Audio. The company split these seminars into dedicated ‘Audio’ and ‘Lighting’, enabling visitors to join the particular seminars which interested them most by reserving dedicated time slots.

One of the hottest seminars involved Optocore and our technical partner DiGiCo.

The same seminar was re-peated five times during two intense days, with more than 100 people attending overall.

All five sessions succeeded in underlining the unique features of Optocore.

It demonstrated how fibre optic networks for professional audio, video and data benefit permanent installations and live applications as well as studios and broadcast applica-

The final session of all was a special Optocore Pro seminar, presented by Michal Micka, Optocore Applications Engineer. During an informative 90-minute session, our specialist shared detailed information about our technology and the most significant features of Optocore networks. Attendees learned about our product range and how to combine Optocore and SANE networks with third party products.

Michal also presented BroaMan solutions (visit for more details) – from simple video transport and media conversion to more advanced networks, which enable transport of high definition professional video, audio and control data.

A large demo system was on display during th

e entire event, which showed the cooperation that exists between Optocore, BroaMan and our other partners. We look forward to participating once again in next year’s TM Audio seminars.