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If one country has been defined by the celebration of 2014 then it has been Brazil. Already famous for its carnivals this summer it exploded into life by hosting the FIFA World Cup.

From the left: Daniel Bueno (Manager), Milena Ranalle (Import Department), Alexandre Borghesi, Rafael Rocha and Alan Ferreira (all part of the technical team).

With the potential requirement for sophisticated point-to-point communication systems, broadcast service companies like Tele-Ponto started casting the net for solutions, and it was not long before OPTOCORE came under their radar.

“Tele-Ponto had been looking for a solution to integrate with our RTS intercom systems and RTS senior support engineer Chuck Roberts suggested OPTOCORE,” stated Tele-Ponto manager, Daniel Bueno. “In Brazil some companies are already using fibre with audio, video and data, so that’s the reason we were searching for a complementary system.”

Based in Santo André City at São Paulo, it did not take the company long to place their first order, with the 2014 Carnival in Salvador top of their list for the new system deployment.

OPTOCORE supplied a total of 12 RTS-configured V3R-FX-INTERCOM devices, which were developed to enable direct interfacing between the OPTOCORE open transmission and RTS platforms, allowing for a flexible audio based intercom transport solution. They also supplied Tele-Ponto with a quantity of standard X3R-FX devices (configured 8LI, 8LO and 8MI) as well as an X6R-FX-8AE/8MI converter and DD4MR-FX MADI digital interface.

“Media’s Corner”, @ FIFA World Cup 2014, Brasil
V3R-FX-Intercom @”Copa do Mundo”/ FIFA World Cup 2014, Brasil

Aside from the Carnival so far this year the broadcast company has used OPTOCORE solutions at:

  • The Summer X Games, Foz do Iguaçu (Iguaçu Falls);
  • Opening Ceremony for the FIFA World Cup in São Paulo;
  • Various World cup matches in:
  • Brasilia Stadium; Horizonte Stadium; Fortaleza Stadium; Belo Horizonte Stadium, providing coverage for Bandeirantes TV Channel in São Paulo and Fox TV Chanel in Rio de Janeiro/São Paulo.

Tele-Ponto focuses its attention 80% on the broadcast sector, providing OB services for all the TV channels in the country, majoring on RTS Intercom Systems, for whom OPTOCORE has developed a special interface. Occasionally the company also works alongside rental companies on special televised events.

As OPTOCORE’s official partner in Brazil, Mr. Bueno adds, “Our knowledge and experience, together with skilled technicians, ensure that customers always receive the best solution for their needs.

“We had been looking for a single solution for fibre with audio, video and data transmission over fibre, and with OPTOCORE we have found exactly this kind of equipment — compact and with uncomplicated connections.”