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Optocore is now offering customers a unique opportunity to trade in their old ‘E’-designated devices for the renowned and more efficient R-series products.

The company has announced how they can derive the maximum benefit from this replacement programme and update now to the newer, state-of-the-art R-devices.

Customers wishing to make the exchange before the end of 2016 will qualify for an 18% discount and they will receive the replacement R series model at the special price by return.

This unique trade-in discount will provide them with many advantages, designed to make the new portfolio the fibre network for the pro-audio industry. This includes Lowest power consumption; Open standards compatibility; Maximum flexibility and scalability; Lowest latency in the industry; Five-year warranty; Absence of fans, and therefore no noise, — and all the weight advantages of a 1 RU device.

DD2FR-FX Front


The upgrades relate to the following products:

DD2FE will be replaced by DD2FR-FX; DD4ME > DD4MR-FX and DD32E > DD32R-FX.

Optocore is also extending this initiative to the LX4AP / LX4B stage and FOH units, which can be exchanged for a corresponding number of X6R FX or TP devices, with equivalent channel count, at the same discounted rate.

Optocore confirms that this non-recurring offer will expire at midnight on December 31st.

Exchange Program