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Optocore AutoRouter provides theatre and live sound sound designers with smart auto-patchbay solution for greater efficiency

Device also supports DiGiCo, Yamaha TWINLANe, AVID AVB and all IP systems

Optocore has launched the new AutoRouter, which will be formally launched next month at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt at booth # 8:0, E56.

Since making its high profile debut on the Coldplay tour last year the AutoRouter has featured in a slew of high profile installations, including the Westfield Centre in London, Europe’s largest shopping mall, and Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, redeveloped for the FIFA World Cup.

AutoRouter Front

The device marks a breakthrough for sound system designers in that it offers Auto Routing and an intelligent fibre patch bay (as opposed to the traditional patchbay)—making it ideal for installations with multiple connection points and mobile stage boxes as well as live events.

Compatible with stand-alone Optocore networks and DiGiCo fibre loops, the same functionality is also available for Yamaha TWINLANe cards, which support single-and multi-mode optical fibre, and AVID AVB network cards, allowing smarter theatre sound systems to be designed using their flagship consoles.

So how does it work in practice? Essentially, what AutoRouter does is create a redundant star out of ring topology and closes the loop automatically between active devices and mobile stage boxes. There is no longer the need to patch cables manually, as the system is always redundant. AutoRouter will function as an intelligent patchbay, automatically detecting active devices and forming a loop topology from them to establish redundancy, without any user interaction. This speeds up system layout and configuration for any production.

The device can be equipped with up to 40 duplex LC sockets allowing up to 20 different connections from different locations, devices or device groups.