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Following the success of the new Festival Box on the international touring and festival circuit last year, Optocore has responded to feedback by producing the Festival Box Petit, with a revised layout. This will be formally launched at ISE (Booth #7 K190).

Based on the Repeat48WDM media converter from associate company BroaMan,it was principally designed for festival situations when multiple bands were appearing, each production bringing different consoles, and running different protocols to the stage box.

Festival Box - Fiber Transport System for all formats
Festival Box Petit Front – Fiber Transport System for all formats

By being able to transport all standards down a single duplex fiber, vast amount of time, and cabling between FOH and Stage could be saved. And because the SFP optical module transceivers were hot-swappable they could simply be exchanged to meet any demand.

Now, instead of the six SFP and two AUX options down the single duplex fiber, customers have requested two duplex fibers between Festival Boxes, with three SFP and two AUX options. Thanks to this they can ensure their systems have full redundancy.

The result is Festival Box Petit. States Optocore Technical Sales Manager, Maciek Janiszewski, “This has been created more for the touring market. Artists tour with one or two FOH consoles, but there is usually also a requirement for 1G LAN control or PA distribution (eg Optocore, AES or AVB). Thanks to the Festival Box Petit customers can run all those signals down either one or two fibers to enable the system to remain redundant.”

The new Festival Box Petit comes with a reduced price tag.