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Kamil Zajdel Takes on Utility Role at Optocore and BroaMan

Optocore has announced the appointment of Kamil Zajdel, in a multipurpose role which will also extend to associate company BroaMan.

Based in Poland, Zajdel brings a wealth of experience in sound engineering and live events production, which he will put to good use as Marketing Coordinator for the two companies.

Relishing the opportunity, he said, “Because of my engineering background I have a good understanding of where the market is focused, and that should help me in providing targeted marketing content for both Optocore and BroaMan.” His experience in running a digital marketing agency will be a valuable asset in that regard.

The transition into marketing will be a natural transition as his predecessor, Yorick Brunke, returns to further education. Meanwhile, in terms of technical support, his skillset will complement that of Marci Sós. “While he is mainly focused on theatre and installations I will be concentrating more on big live events such as festivals and tours.”

The market segments addressed by BroaMan, he says, are particularly exciting. “Video broadcast is a very comprehensive and exciting sector, so it will be a pleasure to investigate further as I analyse the marketing opportunities for Optocore and BroaMan as a whole in order to prepare a consistent strategy.”

Prior to joining the Munich-based specialists, Kamil Zajdel built up industry experience in live audio mixing engineering over a 13-year period, working for different companies in Poland. “I designed the biggest sound reinforcement systems that had been built in Poland, such as World Youth Days 2016, Dawid Podsiadlo concert and many others at the National Stadium, as well as the Open’er Festival since 2014. For some of these events I used Optocore technology so I know its features extremely well, from a user perspective.”

Of the challenges ahead, Zajdel concludes by saying, “I know and admire Optocore technology for its reliability. I am confident that my fresh perspective, combined with the experience gained ‘on the battlefield’ as a Technical Project Manager/System Tech/Sound Engineer, will prove to be a valuable asset to Optocore’s distributors, resellers and customers.”