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About this product…

64 channel AES audio I/O SANE transport device

  • 32 AES/EBU digital audio pairs = 64 channels
  • Unique software switch to use as AES/EBU inputs or outputs.
  • 2 optical 2G links for the Optocore Network with hot-swappable SFP modules
  • 2 SANE Ports
  • 2 LAN Ports
  • 4 RS485 interfaces for the exchange of control data.
  • Word clock I/O
  • Composite video input and output
  • Dual power supply with automatic switchover
  • 3rd party software control for panels, touch screens, IP integrated control software
  • Full remote access with OPTOCORE CONTROL software
  • GPIO for automated show control
  • Configuration and control via LAN, USB or RS232
  • Upgradeable internal FPGA logic
  • Comprehensive status information via LED banks on the front

DD32R-FX is an AES/EBU interface for the Optocore Fiber Networks. It features 32 AES/EBU pairs (64 audio channels) software- configurable as inputs or outputs in 8-channel blocks.

The DD32R-FX also comes equipped with Word Clock I/O, Composite Video input and output, two LAN Ports two SANE Ports and four RS485/422 connections, all in a 1RU package using minimal power.

All DD32R-FX connections become inputs and outputs of the Optocore Fiber dual-ring network allowing long-distance transport and signal conversion combined with huge routing flexibility and system scalability – from point-to-point solution to advanced ring or star structure.

Unique two fiber links with interchangeable tranceivers connect DD32R-FX with the family of Optocore devices to transport up to 1024 audio channels, 3 video channels and control data including RS485, RS 422, DMX and MIDI.




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